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Stop! Pause! Attention! This utopian society movement (Nirvanic Movement stock exchange [Global Stock eXchange ]) offers the best value in share prices (only a single penny per share, for any of the companies) and share price appreciation potential in the foreseeable future of our civilization. Never in the past has there been, or in the future will there be an investment opportunity of this magnitude anywhere on the planet earth. While The Republic of Earth has plans to enable the creation and maintenance of local governments of any kind as long as subjects of these governance bodies (privately or publicly run) enter into the contracts of any length consensually, and are free to leave the jurisdictions in point once they have fulfilled their contractual obligations; Credon Inc. will make the attempt to institute interest/usury free credit for obligatory and essential expenses for the weakest members of the society, while interest will be charged for non-obligatory and non-essential expenses to the stronger members of the society. All of the companies listed on Global Stock eXchange have one type or another revolutionary aspect and will deliver the greatest degree of invaluableness of goods/services to the global market. Invest in these OTC shares (offered and regulated under the laws of the privately run global super-jurisdiction of The Republic of Earth) long term, and we can assure you that you will profit handsomely in the not too distant future.

Please note that Nirvanic Movement and Global Stock eXchange, along with all of its other listed organizations consider indiscriminate, in your face, pushed type of advertising that supports most of the free (gratis) type of goods/services offerings, at the very least a monumental waste of resources, and a source of great deal of being lead astray, wandering the dark alleys of wasted time consuming free (ad-sponsored) offers while constantly being hassled to purchase extremely high-priced goods/services. We offer a complete suite of services for example; Tweeteria, Sales Mammoth & Urge To Search that enable the explicit request for ads for specific (class) of goods/services with a minimally nominal consumer & seller co-payment attached to encourage everyone to play fairly. For further information regarding any of these issues, please feel free to view our FAQ section or go to the Contact Us page to have your issues addressed properly.

Happy Investing! ~ Bryan Mirkalami; President & CEO

Investment Opportunities

The following companies' shares are currently for sale:

1. Global Stock eXchange


2. Nirvanic Movement


3. Flawless Bank


4. Credon Central


5. Winner OS


6. Urge To Search


7. GTA InfoTech


8. Edificata


9. Normism


10. ConstRobotics


11. Sales Mammoth


12. The Republic of Earth


13. Independata


14. Tweeteria


15. Oracle Schools


16. Elixica


17. Cleo Practical Apparel




19. Climactica


Happy Investing! ~ Bryan Mirkalami; President & CEO