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What is Global Stock eXchange raising funds for?

... the group of 19+ companies that ...

The aim of the group of 19+ companies that Nirvanic Movement is comprised of, is to raise awareness of ultra open/modern schools of thought and ways to achieve a far more superior quality of life through actual product/service offerings, spanning from governance bodies, religious ideologies, technological solutions, to credit facilitation, to enable the acquisition of these valuable goods/services without the requirement for any free/subsidized/insurance-based/ad-sponsored offers from the business and public outfits that take from Peter to pay Paul, and then from Paul to pay Patrick (this process is destructive because it promotes leech-ism and lack of accountability for one's own actions). Flawless Bank (a revolutionary crowd-funding firm) makes it possible to rely on one's future earning potentials to apply for low or no interest loans that can be paid back when the loan applicant is able to make payments (verified by advanced lie detection technology).

How old is this system of Nirvanic Movement?

... latest incarnation of this system ...

The latest incarnation of this system is just a couple of years old, but the initial spark of the central idea behind all of this occurred nearly 20 years ago. Everyday that goes by new lessons are learnt, and the network of people and organizations gets wider and wider.

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Investment Opportunities

The following companies' shares are currently for sale:

1. Global Stock eXchange

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2. Nirvanika Legal Ad Block

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3. Flawless Bank

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4. Credon Central

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5. Winner OS

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6. Urge To Search

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7. GTA InfoTech

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8. Edificata

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9. Normism

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10. ConstRobotics

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11. Sales Mammoth

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12. The Republic of Earth

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13. Independata

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14. Tweeteria

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15. Oracle Schools

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16. Elixica

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17. Cleo Practical Apparel

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19. Climactica

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Happy Investing! ~ Bryan Mirkalami; President & CEO